Terms & Conditions

1. Notice of Claim - No action against the mover may be instituted unless a written notice of claim thereof is given to the mover by the client within sixty (60) days after the delivery of the goods, whether or not the loss is apparent, or if the goods are not delivered, within nine (9) months after the date on which they were sent. No notice is required if the proceedings are brought within that delay.
2. Loss Resulting from Delay - The mover is not liable for any loss arising from delay resulting from superior force ("force majeure").
3. Damage Sustained during Carriage - The mover is not liable for any damage sustained during the carriage resulting from superior force ("force majeure"), an inherent defect in the goods or normal shrinkage.
4. Liability in the event of Loss or Damage - The liability of the mover in the event of loss or damage may not exceed the value of the goods declared by the client, based on the pro rata value of the goods which have been lost or damaged. In such event, the pro rata value of the goods which have been lost or damaged is set in accordance with their value at the place and time of shipment. If no value has been declared, the liability of the mover is limited to $4.41 per kilogram.
5. Goods of Great Value - The mover is not bound to carry goods or packed goods the value of which exceeds $1.000. If he agrees to carry such goods or packed goods, the mover will not be liable for loss or damage unless the nature or value thereof as been disclosed to him. Any declaration which is insufficient, inaccurate or deliberately misleading as to the nature of the goods or packed goods, or which deliberately inflates their value, will release the mover from any liability.
6. Loss Suffered by the Mover - The client is bound to compensate the mover for any loss suffered by the mover, particularly with respect to any judgment rendered against him, including all legal fees and judicial or extrajudicial costs relating thereto, where such loss results from an inherent defect in the goods or any omission, deficiency or inaccuracy in the client's declaration as to the goods carried, the place of origin of the shipment and the place of delivery.
7. Dangerous Substances - The client who places dangerous substances into the shipment without prior disclosure of their exact nature shall indemnify the mover for any loss suffered by reason of carriage of such substances. Moreover, the client shall pay any storage charges and assume all risks.
8. Right Of Retention - The mover may retain the goods carried until the carriage charges and any reasonable storage charges are paid
9. Mover's Instructions - The client is bound to comply with the instructions given by the mover, the latter specifically reserving the right to inspect the packing of any goods which he asked to carry.
10. Packing - The mover is liable for damages to the goods, which he was charged to pack, only in the event of willful or gross negligence on his part.
11. Severability - The fact that any clause of this agreement is in whole or in part illegal or void shall not affect the legality or validity of the remaining portion thereof and the remaining clauses.
12. Governing Laws - This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Quebec.